Winter Fun Time On The Trampoline

In the Winter, you would believe that trampolines should be put away. On the other hand, Winter heralds the unofficial start of the good times.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your kids entertained this Winter, consider crafting snow angels, building a snow pile and bouncing on it, or having a snowball war while bouncing on the trampoline.

Find out how to get your trampoline ready for the winter season by reading on.

When it’s cold outside, some individuals are afraid to leap.

Investing in a trampoline is a long-term commitment. This indicates that it isn’t simply being used in the summer. However, it should also be utilized in the Winter to get the most out of it.

For various reasons, it is most popular during the warmer months. The first reason is that dressing warmly in chilly weather doesn’t seem good.

You’ll want to ensure that your children are properly dressed before sending them outdoors to play. Trampolining will cause them to sweat, and they won’t be able to wear heavy clothing.

After a few minutes of trampoline jumping, they may remove the bulky apparel. They should be able to withstand the cold for the rest of the day if they keep moving around until then.

Second, trampolines that are damp or coated with snow are feared by many individuals. Injuries may occur when trampolines are damp. The trampoline mat becomes more slippery when it is wet.

When the trampoline is damp, you’re more likely to slide and fall. Drying a damp trampoline is your best option. Make sure it’s not pouring before you grab a few towels.

Dry the trampoline mat from the top and bottom using a towel. Even if the above doesn’t work, you may attempt to dry it off using an air fan or leaf blower. Afterward, it’s safe to use.

A trampoline buried under a foot of snow would be dangerous as well. The trampoline might get a little slippery in the snow, just as it does in the rain. In other words, it should be cleared before anybody jumps on it.

Clearing the trampoline of snow might be dangerous. Using a shovel to remove snow off a trampoline is not recommended.

Using a shovel will produce significant rips in the trampoline mat since it has sharp edges that penetrate the mat. As a result, it should be avoided at all times.

A broom, on either hand, is the ideal tool for cleaning the trampoline mat of snow. Instead of metal, the broom will have soft bristles.

Start on one side of the trampoline and sweep your way to the other side by getting on the trampoline. Once the snow has been removed, you should be able to resume leaping.

Check for dampness, however. If, after removing the snow, you discover that the trampoline is moist, use one of the methods listed above to dry it out.

When the trampoline mat is dry, individuals may once again enjoy themselves on the trampoline.

Fun in the Snow

Make sure your children are dressed correctly.

To enjoy your trampoline in the Winter, you must first ensure that your children are clothed adequately.

The footwear is the first step. For shoes, your kids will need something substantial. Winter boots are a plus, but they aren’t required if you have them.

However, anything that is at least somewhat watertight is a good start. Second, make sure they’re wearing plenty of thick, warm socks.

It’s critical that they can go from the home to the trampoline with their feet both warm and dry, or they’ll have cold feet.

They must remove their shoes or boots before jumping on the trampoline once they get to the location. Wearing boots or shoes on the trampoline might cause damage to the surface.

Rocks are notorious for getting lodged in the soles of shoes and boots. Your child’s trampoline may suffer rips and tears if they jump on it with pebbles embedded in their soles.

As a result, be sure they remove their shoes and put on some warm socks before letting them in.

Your socks should be removed, but in the Winter, you should be more concerned with keeping your youngster warm than whether or not they’ll slide.

A long-sleeved wool shirt should be the first item on your children’s clothing list. The wool will keep the kids toasty, but not so toasty that they’ll be dripping wet from all of their leaping about.

Make sure kids have something lighter beneath a jacket if you send them out in one. As a result, if they are too warm, they can just take the jacket off and be OK (and still warm).

Unless your kids intend on doing any flips, a pair of gloves might be a good idea. Flips are probably not a good idea now that it is Winter.

It’s game time!

They may begin playing on the trampoline after being properly outfitted for the winter season.

  • Make snow angels in the snow.

Allow your children to make snow angels on the trampoline before clearing the snow off of it. Try having the kids lie on their backs on the trampoline if you have no idea how snow angels operate.

Put their arms and legs out once they’re on their backs.

After that, instruct them to jiggle their limbs and wave their arms and hands in the air. Makes a snow angel in the form of an angel.

Using a snow shovel or gloves, kids can toss additional snow back if they’ve already done it. They might then begin the process again.

  • Fight with snowballs while bouncing.

The trampoline snowball battle is like a normal snowball fight, except that you’re bouncing as you toss.

The first step is to gather as many snowballs as possible from the ground. You may not have enough snow just on the trampoline to create snowballs after making snow angels.

Make the snowballs first, then jump on the trampoline afterward. Hold the snowballs in one arm as you’re on the trampoline.

Stand at the opposite end of the trampoline from each other. Then, at the stroke of three, everyone should begin leaping up and down and hurling snowballs.

Everybody must be on the trampoline simultaneously, or they must wait until the round is complete before they can go back up and continue the competition.

  • Jumping the snowbanks

This time of year is a favorite time for youngsters to build enormous mounds of leaves and then jump on them.

It’s a lot of fun, encouraging your children to spend time outside. Your youngsters will have the same effect if they jump onto a soft mound of snow.

Once it is done, you may begin by getting them to load a tonne onto the trampoline, preferably all at once. Then, as soon as the kids are on the trampoline, have them dive immediately into the snow mound.

And as long as there is snow on the ground, they may continue to do this. It’s best to let the youngsters keep adding to it.

Treat yourself to something sweet at the end of the day.

Trampolining with snowballs or simply jumping in the snow like a leaf pile, your kids spend a lot of time playing on the trampoline.

Regardless of their motivation, they’ve decided to come inside. There is a limit to how long you can be outdoors before you need to return to your warm indoors.

If feasible, light a fire in the fireplace before guests arrive so they may remove their winter coats and gloves without having to wait for them to warm up.

Hand them a steaming mug of hot chocolate once they’ve settled in front of the fire. A cup of hot chocolate will warm their bodies, but it will also provide them with something to warm their hands with.

Afterward, let them rest before the fire until they are comfortable enough to move about.


Trampoline time in the Winter is a blast for the kids. It may take some time for your kids before they realize how much fun it is (and how they want to have the fun).

However, allowing kids to use a trampoline outdoors is a good idea. Then give them a cup of hot cocoa as a treat.

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