What Size Trampoline Should You Get?

Getting a trampoline is a no-brainer for the vast majority of individuals. Everyone who has ever jumped on a trampoline can attest to how much fun it is to own one.

Some factors should be considered while determining “what size trampoline should I get?” This contains information such as how many people will be using the trampoline, their ages, and the size of the yard in which the trampoline will be placed.

The following questions and answers should help you determine the right trampoline size for your family.

Do you need a trampoline?

Before settling on a trampoline size, think about why you want one in the first place. Trampolines can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages, from toddlers who want to burn off some energy to the elderly who want to get their feet off the floor.

The joy that you won’t find anyplace else can be found on trampolines. You can use trampolines to help tire out your youngsters and teenagers wanting to have a fun night with a few pals. With a trampoline, you can do almost anything.

How old will the jumpers be?

To begin, think about who will be using your trampoline and their height and weight ranges.

Even though a huge trampoline could be pleasant for children, it is not suggested that children under six jump on a normal trampoline” (9 feet or larger).

A trampoline that is too huge for a child their size is dangerous, according to the Mayo Clinic, because children under the age of six have limited control over their bodies.

You should look at a “workout” trampoline, which is smaller than 7 feet in circumference, at that age.

The trampoline isn’t nearly as exciting as a full-sized trampoline, but it still provides some entertainment for the youngster. If the trampoline’s intended audience is 7 years old and older, a standard-sized trampoline should be sufficient.

It’s easy to figure out what size trampoline you need by looking at this table at TrampolineHacks.com:

Age CriteriaTrampoline Sizes
Toddlers and Younger Kids 10 Months to 5 YearMini-Small Trampolines 36 inch, 38 inches, 40 inch, 48 inch, 55 inch, 3 feet, and 7 feet
Elder Kids and Adults 6 Years and OlderSmall, Medium and Full-Size Trampolines 8 feet, 10 feet, 12 feet, 14 feet, 15 feet, 16 feet, and 17 feet
Only AdultsFitness Trampolines (Rebounders) Up to 3.5 feet with handlebar

Dozens of people are expected to jump.

Think about the number of individuals using your trampoline at once. All five of our sons in our household like jumping simultaneously.

It’s not uncommon for them to even enlist the help of one or both of their parents. As a result, our trampoline can accommodate up to 7 people.

7-12 foot trampolines may not be big enough for seven persons. A trampoline with a circumference of at least 13 feet will be ideal for accommodating many people.

Skywalker Trampolines has a 14-foot trampoline that could meet your needs. Humans carry their extra pounds.

Having two adults and six to seven people jumping on the trampoline implies that we have at least 500 pounds of weight.

Generally speaking, trampolines come with a maximum weight limit. With a maximum weight capacity of 1,000 lbs, the Skywalker trampoline shown above can handle 250 lbs each.

Before you buy a trampoline, think about how much weight you intend to put on it and check the trampoline’s weight restriction.

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Is my yard big enough?

In this scenario, the size of the trampoline must be taken into account and the amount of space required around it. It’s based on TurfMechanic.com’s findings.

As a result, leave a 5-foot buffer around the trampoline to avoid accidents. The trampoline should be placed in an area with no tree branches or fences.

For example, if you’re considering an 8-foot by 12-foot trampoline, you’ll need a yard that measures 18 feet by 22 feet. If you don’t have enough room for a trampoline, look for a place in your yard that can fit it.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time digging trenches, you’ll need a flat surface to set your trampoline on. Dig a hole to level your trampoline if you need to do so.

What trampoline shape do you prefer?

Trampolines come in various shapes and sizes, but this does not imply that there is only one typical trampoline shape. Trampolines come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.


The most common trampoline shape is the round one. In most cases, trampolines are shaped in this way. It improves both the bounce and the safety of a surface.

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Compared to circular trampolines, rectangle trampolines are said to have greater spring.

The longer shape of these trampolines allows for greater space for jumping and flipping without being harmed, making them ideal for groups of individuals who wish to practice tricks like flips.


Since an oval trampoline has multiple “center” points, more people can enjoy bouncing around on it at once.


Square trampolines have less bounce than other trampolines. Thus they may be safer for younger children who will be bouncing around.

Basketball hoops can also be added to square trampolines, making them more enjoyable. For larger groups, square trampolines are available in Olympic-sized models as well.

Decide by combining all of your information.

Choosing a trampoline should be easier if you know how many people will be using it, how much weight they can carry, and how much room it will take up in your backyard. Many trampoline suppliers might be found in your area.

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Trampolines in the Skywalker family

Compared to other trampolines on the market, Skywalker trampolines are more affordable. They’re cheaper doesn’t mean they’re of poorer quality.

It is a good idea to use them as starter trampolines to test out the size and see whether it’s a good fit for your family and your specific demands.

Free Trampoline Jumping

Trampolines without springs, such as Springfree models, are a relatively new invention.

Instead of springs, this trampoline uses flexible composite rods, which are tucked under the trampoline’s mat. The jumper is better protected as a result of this.

Investing in a Springfree trampoline is a little more expensive than purchasing a normal trampoline for your family.


Trampolines from JumpSport include the AlleyOOP, which jumps high and provides a soft landing. They also have the Elite, which provides a more cushioned landing on the trampoline surface.

The JumpSports trampoline is an excellent choice if you’re concerned about your kids getting hurt when they land on the trampoline mat.

Because it’s more expensive than normal trampolines, you’ll have to make a big investment if you decide to go with this one. Among the many trampoline distributors out there, I’ve only worked with a few.

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To calculate how many people will be jumping on your trampoline and the weight limit. Check if the trampoline size you’re considering will fit in your yard. Purchase your trampoline after that.

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