Trampoline vs Ninja Course: Which Is More Fun and Safer For Your Kids

Even if they don’t know why or how your kids will benefit from some time spent outdoors. However, getting your children outside and moving around on a trampoline or ninja course is beneficial for their health.

Ninja courses outperform trampolines in safety, setup time, and upkeep, so consider them instead if you’re shopping for a new one for your children.

Find out which one is better for your children by reading on.

Why is there so much debate?

A ninja course and trampoline course both have their benefits and drawbacks. A single solution that is completely risk-free is impossible to come by.

Trampoline vs. ninja course is an argument that straddles the two extremes. Both have their own set of risks, but they can still be fun for your kids to participate in.

The dispute goes on and on.


The ninja course’s set-up depends entirely on the conditions found in your backyard. Stable objects are needed to secure the ends of the ninja route.

Others favor trees. When trees are spaced correctly, all required is the ninja course to be removed and the course’s ends firmly tied to the trees.

You probably don’t want to wait 10 or 15 years for new trees to develop if you don’t already have any.If this is the case, you can pick up some stakes (either wood or metal) and some quick-dry cement from your local hardware shop and have the ninja course tied to those poles within a few days.

To avoid having the ninja course finish up on the ground, make sure your stakes are firmly planted in the ground before you begin.

The ninja course should be set up with two participants and a maximum of three people. Setting up the trampoline is rather straightforward.

When putting the trampoline together, you first need to put the base together using the screws. Then you attach the trampoline’s legs to the base.

Finally, you will attach a spring to the base and the mat, which will allow you to raise and lower the chair. Continue around the trampoline, stopping at each spring hole along the way.

Keep a spring puller on hand since the trampoline mat will soon get extremely tight, and it will become increasingly difficult to remove the springs from it. To avoid damaging your hands while attempting to pull on the springs, use the spring puller.

You’re done with the trampoline once you’ve installed all of the springs. Set up the trampoline in an area where people would enjoy it and watch the good times roll in. Overall, the trampoline and the ninja course appear to have the same setup, so this one will be a draw.

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The tie is the winner.


Similarly, trampolines and ninja courses have similar safety problems. The user is lifted a few feet in each, and from there, the fun begins!

When you’re on a trampoline, you’re not touching the ground while bouncing about. This can lead to a trampoline fall and a fall to the ground.

Depending on how they land, they could even end up with broken limbs, such as an arm or a leg. You may make your trampoline a little bit safer by purchasing additional equipment.

You should get by with a safety net and a spring cover.It will not guarantee that no one will get hurt. The trampoline can also be buried underground.

In other words, instead of dropping a few feet to the earth, they’re only descending a few inches, and that’s all. The safety net can always be jumped, but I doubt anyone would intentionally do so.

If the spring cover is walked on, it might also be damaged by the wind and rain. How high you want to build the ninja course is up to you.

However, you may always raise or lower it if the situation calls for it. If you place it close enough, is there a risk of people getting wounded?

In the case of children, having the ninja obstacle course lower to the ground is preferable. You shouldn’t be too concerned about getting hurt, even if you get a few scrapes and bruises and even a bleeding lip.

The further you raise the ninja course off the ground, the more you have to think about it…There is no need to place it too high off the ground for your children to enjoy it.

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Trampolines must be serviced regularly. The safety net, mat, and spring cover should all be inspected regularly to make sure no holes form, and if there are, they should all be replaced immediately.

To get the most bounce out of your trampoline, you’ll need to replace any cracked or corroded springs. However, if you keep an eye on it, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Ropes and slacklines make up the ninja course. You shouldn’t have to worry about the slacklines breaking unless someone uses a knife or heavy-duty scissors on them.

The ropes may wear out over time, but it’s not likely. The trees/poles you use to keep the ninja course in the air are perhaps the most important thing to keep an eye on.

A slackline may wear out trees or poles if it moves around too much. As soon as this happens, your trees or poles will begin to wear away as the slackline acts like a saw.

A good ninja course will come with padding that you can use to surround your tree. Thus this should be taken into consideration while making your purchase. Helps to keep your trees and ninja course going for a long time!

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We can expect the trampoline and the ninja obstacle course to take a beating. It’s common for trampolines to be used by multiple people at once (even though the suggestion is one person at a time).

Also, having more than one person on the trampoline at a time can cause it to wear out more quickly (thanks to the additional weight).

If you buy a trampoline, you’ll see that it has a weight limit. In most cases, the weight restriction is set based on how much weight the mat and frame can support before they begin to fail.

As a result, overloading the trampoline regularly is harmful to its performance. The slackline has a weight limit of 450 to 500 pounds; thus, depending on the size of the ninja course participants, 2 to 3 persons could ride it at a time (more if all the people were young kids).

As the slackline has a fairly sturdy fabric, it will not break on you during the first few minutes of installation.



When it comes to pricing, you have a few options. Starting with the trampoline, you may pay as little as $300 for a decent full-size trampoline or as much as $2,000 for an Olympic-size trampoline or more.

Costs such as a safety net and a spring cover should be factored into the increased prices. You won’t have to worry about buying anything additional for safety if you choose the more expensive options.

From Ninjactive, a high-quality ninja course will set you back at about $140.Ninja courses don’t come with many options other than the option to buy a climbing net, which doesn’t look like much fun for kids.

There are more trampolines to choose from in this situation, so the trampoline wins.

Trampoline as an advantage

How much fun you’ll have

People will have a blast on the trampoline and the ninja course. The trampoline is a great way for kids and adults to get some exercise while having a good time jumping around.

Fun is had in the ninja course as well. Instead of launching yourself into the air, you’re focusing on completing a difficult obstacle course, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing the challenge makes it all worthwhile.

Nonetheless, the trampoline provides a more enjoyable experience. After completing a ninja course, if you are anything like me, your arms and feet will be sore because you had to hold yourself up while slacklining.

It’s still a lot of fun, but you’re eager to try something new by the time it’s through. However, you could spend days bouncing on the trampoline.

Your legs may feel a bit sore from all the hopping, but you can always find a quiet place to rest and wait for the discomfort to subside.

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Trampoline as an advantage


The advantages of a trampoline and ninja course are undeniable. If you’re looking for a trampoline, you’ll have more options in terms of price and enjoyment.

Setting up and maintaining the ninja course will be easier and safer. Overall, the ninja course takes the prize.

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