Tordon RTU: Complete User Guide

Gordon is one of the most effective herbicides I’ve come across for dealing with tough trees, stumps, and roots.I tried Roundup to remove several unwanted trees before learning about Tordon, but it had little effect.

As a result of my frustration, I called numerous Arborists (those who destroy trees for a job) and inquired about what they advised I use to kill my trees. They all said Tordon RTU was what they used.

Since then, I’ve used Tordon RTU to kill countless trees, and it’s always worked. I’ve only found Tordon in specialty farm and ranch stores; therefore, Amazon is the best way to buy it.

How to Kill Trees with Gordon

When used correctly, Tordon provides the best results.

Cutting down a tree or removing the bark exposes the tree’s living outer ring. Within 30 minutes of cutting, apply Tordon to the outer ring or newly exposed cambium. Tordon should only be used to moisten the tree’s living outer ring to prevent any runoff.

Dispenser caps like those found on dishwashing soap bottles are common on Tordon bottles. Gordon should be applied to the outer ring of the tree stump with care once the cap has been opened.

Using a paintbrush to apply the treatment to the root is a good option. With Gordon, it doesn’t take much to bring down a tree.

Many trees can be felled with a single bottle of Tordon.To ensure that the tree dies entirely, allow it to sit for a week after treatment.

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Is it safe to use Tordon?

When dealing with any substance, you can never be too cautious. Every chemical must be tested and certified by the EPA before being sold on the open market.

Gordon’s main active ingredient is called Picloram, categorized as Category E – “evidence of non-carcinogenicity to humans” by the EPA. Moreover, it has been shown that it is “practically innocuous” for animals such as mammals, birds, and bees. However, it is slightly hazardous for aquatic organisms

According to the safety paperwork, accidental ingestion experiments were conducted and determined to have no observable adverse effects. I strongly advise against using this syrup on your morning pancakes in light of the preceding.

I regard every substance I come into contact with as highly harmful. In my opinion, I’d rather not be a test subject.I usually wear a long-sleeve shirt and slacks when I use Tordon to cut down trees. Also, I wear safety goggles, a face mask, and, most importantly chemical resistant gloves

Whether or whether Tordon is safe to use around animals is an open question.

It is one thing for a human, but what if my dog or horse goes and licks it? Gordon’s safety information stated this.

Only plants are affected by Tordon. It affects enzymes that are unique to plants and impairs the growth process. The EPA demands thorough research on animals to guarantee that there are no unforeseen consequences. Although Horton does not affect animals, it is slightly harmful to fish.

Until the area is completely dry, I recommend avoiding treating with Tordon and removing any horses, dogs, or other pets from the area.

I wouldn’t risk it, even though it is thought to be non-toxic to humans and animals. Nonetheless, fish could be harmed. To avoid getting any in the water, make sure that you are very careful if there is a koi pond

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Do you know how long it takes Tordon to gobble up an entire forest?

Gordon is one of the best tree killers, as it destroys trees so swiftly Tordon treatment on a tree should kill it within a month. Gordon should have had enough effect on the tree after a few days to remove the stump or the root.

It may take longer to treat a tree with Tordon if you do not cut it down first. That is something I have yet to investigate. I’ve had no re-growth for every tree I’ve treated with Tordon after allowing the stump to sit for a few days.

What Happens to the Trees Near Tordon?

When I’m cutting down an unwanted tree, it’s growing right next to other plants and trees that I don’t want to lose most of the time. Only trees and plants that have been exposed to Tordon will die. It won’t affect the surrounding trees or plants.

Only trees with similar root systems, such as Aspens, Poplars, and Cottonwoods, will be killed by Tordon.I murdered an elm tree that was growing close to another tree. I didn’t want to die, and it was the only one that perished due to my actions.

I was extremely careful, however, do not allow any spillage or runoff of Tordon and only let the top of the tree stump get Tordon on it. A tree could have died if I hadn’t been careful not to spill any Tordon on its roots or leaves.

So be cautious, but you’ll be alright. ‘It’s important to look for trees that produce new shoots as they grow into new trees.

Even though Aspens look like several trees, they are only one tree. Tree seedlings joined by their roots will spring up from Cottonwood, Poplar, and Elm trees. The parent tree and the child tree will perish if you use Tordon on a shoot-off from the parent tree.

Winter or spring is the best time to use Tordon?

Since trees become dormant in the winter, you would think they would be unaffected by treating them with Tordon. It is possible to destroy a tree in any season if the cambium layer is freshly cut with Gordon. Tordon RTU can successfully destroy any tree at any time of year if it is properly applied.

When my neighbor hired a tree removal expert in the spring to kill and remove three enormous elm trees, he used Tordon to cure the stump, and the tree never regrew.

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Are Palm Trees Affected by Gordon?

I haven’t come across a tree or plant that hasn’t succumbed to Gordon’s treatment. Using a tree killer such as Tordon isn’t necessary for most palm trees; they can be cut down to a stump and die on their own.

Treating the top of the stump with Tordon will ensure that your palm tree has been felled to the ground. A palm tree can’t regrow its crown after removing the top.

In most cases, palm trees that have been cut down and replanted come from seeds that fell to the ground. There will be no palm trees if you remove the seeds.

Is Tordon a threat to Bamboo?

Growing Bamboo is fun, but it can soon take over your entire yard. To stop it from getting out of hand, you’ll need a good method of death.

Gordon can be used to destroy Bamboo if used correctly. A few inches from the ground cut off the Bamboo tops and paint them with Tordon.

This will kill all of the plant’s roots, so it will not be able to continue to grow. Agent Orange, which was used to clear the jungle in the Vietnam War, included chemicals similar to those found in Tordon. This pesticide can kill even bamboo.

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Tree and brush killer Tordon is extremely effective. It should be used with caution and care.It has been my experience that Tordon is the most effective method for killing trees and other woody plants.

Keep in mind that many trees do not require any treatment to perish. To kill them, a simple cut to the tree will suffice.

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