Are Trampolines Safe For 2-year-Olds?

Trampolines and kids go together like butter and toast, yet I was still skeptical about their safety. At 18 months, my second-born son sliced open his forehead on a nearby piano when he was on a tiny trampoline in our home. As a result of this, I’m suspicious of backyard trampolines as well. However, the … Read more

Trampoline vs Pool: Which Is Safest and Best For Your Kids

When I was a kid, I always wished I had a trampoline. The pool at our friends’ home was so wonderful that I constantly wanted to be there. Swimming pools seemed more fun, and trampolines looked like a lot of fun, too. Because of the pool’s longevity, enjoyment factor, affordability, and how many people it … Read more

Trampoline vs Batting Cages: Which Is Better For Your Kids

A few streets down the street from where I grew up, there was a batting cage where I would go to practice my swings before returning home. I also enjoyed bouncing about on a trampoline and letting off some steam. If you’re planning to buy one of these for your backyard, which one is best … Read more

Are Trampoline Nets Safe?

Trampoline safety nets are often left out of the conversation when discussing trampoline safety. You’re less likely to fall to the ground while using a trampoline with a safety net installed. You’re more likely to spread out with your friends when using a trampoline with a safety net installed. Parents can see their children while … Read more