25 Safety Tips For Your Trampoline

On a friend’s trampoline, I once performed backflips. I flipped off the trampoline because I did too many backflips at once. To keep our trampolines secure, how do we go about doing so? People of all ages and sizes can benefit from some simple safety measures on a trampoline. Take precautions by installing a trampoline … Read more

Is Trampolining Bad For Your Brain?

Throughout my life, I haven’t been the safest trampled. If you’re anything like me, you’ve experienced a headache or neck soreness after a jump resulting from a bad landing. Inquiring minds are likely to wonder if trampolining harms the brain. Initially, no. It is safe to jump on a trampoline. People’s brains are damaged on … Read more

Are Trampolines Safe For 2-year-Olds?

Trampolines and kids go together like butter and toast, yet I was still skeptical about their safety. At 18 months, my second-born son sliced open his forehead on a nearby piano when he was on a tiny trampoline in our home. As a result of this, I’m suspicious of backyard trampolines as well. However, the … Read more

Why At-Home Trampolines Are Better Than Trampoline Parks

Why would I buy a trampoline if I could simply take my kids to a trampoline park? Having a trampoline at home is preferable to going to a trampoline park for a few basic reasons. At-home trampolines enable you to better supervise your children while jumping for various reasons, including cost, the severity of injuries, … Read more

Trampoline vs Batting Cages: Which Is Better For Your Kids

A few streets down the street from where I grew up, there was a batting cage where I would go to practice my swings before returning home. I also enjoyed bouncing about on a trampoline and letting off some steam. If you’re planning to buy one of these for your backyard, which one is best … Read more

Are Trampoline Nets Safe?

Trampoline safety nets are often left out of the conversation when discussing trampoline safety. You’re less likely to fall to the ground while using a trampoline with a safety net installed. You’re more likely to spread out with your friends when using a trampoline with a safety net installed. Parents can see their children while … Read more