How To Kill A Tree (Tested & Proven Methods)

Trying to figure out how to remove a tree from the landscape? The trees in my yard were threatening to take over, so you’ve come to the correct location. They were growing, lifting my driveway, and dangerously falling big branches with every wind storm in my fences. It took me a long time to find … Read more

How To Kill And Remove A Willow Tree (Completely)

Trying to figure out how to remove a willow tree from the landscape? While the rapid growth of willow trees makes them an excellent choice for landscaping, it also makes them clumsy trees prone to dropping entire limbs in high winds. This guide will show you how to get rid of a willow tree for … Read more

How To Kill The Most Common Trees (Pine, Palm, Oak and More)

How do you get rid of a tree? Even though I adore trees, there are instances when they need to be removed because they are in the incorrect area. Tree-killing techniques can be found in abundance on the internet. The elm trees in my yard grew to at least 15, and I didn’t want them … Read more

How To Kill A Russian Olive Tree (For Good)

To get rid of a Russian Olive Tree, follow these steps. I’ve tried a variety of methods to get rid of these trees. The best way to get rid of a tree stump is to use a tree killer that acts immediately after cutting it down. Make a stump out of the Russian Olive Tree … Read more

Will Roundup Kill A Tree?

Does Roundup harm trees? My job as a property manager has required me to try various methods for removing trees. One of these is Roundup. The information I’ve gathered is summarised in the following table. Roundup is effective against weedy trees but not huge ones when used alone. Trees under four feet tall perish when … Read more

How To Kill An Elm Tree (Completely Dead Fast)

Find out how to get rid of an elm tree by reading this article! There were five Chinese Elm trees on my rental property that needed to be removed. As a result, they damaged my fences and outgrowing my Rose of Sharon plant. I’ve tried several different approaches to getting rid of them without success. … Read more

How To Kill Tree Roots Without Killing Tree (Sewer, Yard, and Driveway)

It’s good to eliminate the tree roots that are encroaching on your yard, clogging your pipes, or raising your walkway without harming the tree itself. Here is a method for killing tree roots without destroying the tree itself. Dig around the root with a shovel or pick to kill and remove it without harming the … Read more

Do Trees Grow Back After Being Cut Down?

Before chopping down trees in my yard, I wondered, “Do trees grow back once they are taken down?” I decided to hire an arborist to make sure they didn’t return. I’ve gleaned the following from my research. Some trees will regrow after being cut down, while others will not. Pines, palms, oaks, maples, cedars, firs, … Read more

How To Kill Weed Trees Fast

Need a quick way to eliminate weed trees? I have to remove dozens of weed trees from my shrubs, fences, and lawn every year because I own and manage multiple rental properties. Herbicide mixed in a gallon sprayer and sprayed on the leaves of weed trees is the fastest approach to eradicate them. This works … Read more

How to Keep Javelinas Out of Your Yard

From Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas in the southwest to Argentina in South America, Javelinas threaten homeowners. Yards and gardens should be enclosed with a fence to keep javelinas out and prevent damage. Homeowners should also remove any temptations that can tempt an animal into their yard. Seal up any possible hiding places or shelters … Read more