How to Play Yard Twister

Make your version of the classic game Twister for a low-cost addition to your backyard entertainment options.

In addition to being a wonderful icebreaker game, Twister is also one of the best party games ever. It’s simple to create your version for entertaining guests, children, and friends in your backyard or home.

Twister, what is it?

Pretzels, controversy, late-night talk show hosts, movie stars, and millions of chuckles are just some of the things you’ll find in the history of the party game you played as a kid. As reported by the National Toy Hall of Fame, Twitter debuted as a party game in 1964.

When Reyn Guyer was working on a shoe polish advertising campaign, he came up with the idea of employing humans as game pieces.

The original Pretzel game was created with the cooperation of artists and toy developers Charles Foley and Neil Rabens. Sadly, Twister was already taken, so they had to go with something else.

Games and equipment for playing Twister

Twister hasn’t altered much since it was first introduced. Large, rectangular vinyl mats with a grid of colored dots serve as the gameboard.

Red, blue, yellow, and green are the typical colors of the dots. Each color contains a row of six dots, totaling 24 dots on the mat.

The spinner is the only other piece of Twister equipment. The spinner comprises a square piece of board and a plastic pointer that spins on it.

There are four quadrants on the cardboard.

There are four distinct quadrants, each of which has a distinct designation.

  • Left to Right, or Right to Left
  • Hands of the opposite sex

Each color is represented on a quadrant of the board.

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How many people can play Twister?

In traditional Twister, the referee is one among the two to five players. Twister is not recommended for anyone with back problems or other health conditions exacerbated by twisting.

On the other hand, Twister may be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds, including talk show presenters and movie stars. Twister was on the verge of extinction had it not been for a game played on the Tonight Show by Johnny Carson and Eva Garbor, who introduced it to a large audience.

Getting Started with Twitter

To play Twister, put down the mat on a flat surface free of sharp or rough objects like pebbles and sticks.

Even if the game was originally designed to promote shoe polish, it’s best to avoid wearing shoes when playing. Shoes, boots, and high heels aren’t welcome on the fingers of anyone (it hurts).

Twister for Two Players

If you’re playing with a friend, there’s no need for the spinner.

Stand at opposite ends of the mat, facing each other, to play.

  1. Right/left hand or foot callouts are made by two players.
  2. Participants place a hand or foot on the corresponding dot (both players cannot use the same dot)
  3. It’s a hand/foot/color switching game, with each player taking turns.
  4. The game is over for the knocked-down player or whose elbow or knee strikes the mat first.

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Three People Playing Twister

Whenever there are more than two players, a third person, known as a referee, is assigned to oversee the game.

  1. The game begins with the players lining up on the mat in a long line.
  2. The referee spins the spinner until it lands on a color in one of the four quadrants.
  3. Once a line is crossed, the spinner is spun again.
  4. The referee identifies the player’s hand/foot color and shouts out the player’s name.
  5. Players can only place their hands or foot on a color, but they cannot share the same dot.
  6. The game continues until one of the participants is knocked down, or an unauthorized portion of their body touches the mat.

Twister with a Group of Four

If you’re doing this with three people, just remember that one of you should be facing the top of the mat.

Organizing a Team to Play Twister

Twister is best played in groups of two or more people. Having more than two teams is discouraged.

  1. On one side of the mat, each team takes its position.
  2. The referee calls out colors and hands/feet as he spins.
  3. At least one hand or foot from each participant must be placed in the allocated area.
  4. Dots can be shared across teams.
  5. Whenever one of the teammates falls to the mat with elbows or knees, they are out of the competition.

How to Make Your Own Game of Twister

Although you can buy Twister games for a low price, you can also make your own at home. Chalk, vinyl, paper, or tape-in four distinct colors is all you need.

Choosing a Color Scheme

To begin, select four different hues, to begin with. If you’re going to be playing with someone colorblind, use colors that they can see.

Visit to learn about the various types of colorblindness and how to make accommodations for them.

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Choosing the Right Stuff.

Consider the surface on which your Twister game will be played when selecting a material. Soft materials like vinyl, cardstock, or foam posterboard can help you create an enjoyable game even on a hard surface (such as the ground).

The mat and/or components should not slide around on each other. If you’re playing on grass or dirt, you can use Xs, washable paint, or other removable markers to mark off areas.

Putting together a Mat or a Set of Circles

Make a mat with the playing areas or cut out and place individual circles depending on what you have to work with. A large sheet of paper should not be used as a single large playing mat, as it is prone to tears.

A Twister mat can be made from an old rug, tablecloth, or vinyl if you have access to any of these items. Cut out individual circles from paper, cardboard, or poster board if none of the other materials are available.

Quantity: How many dots/circles?

Making your Twister allows you to play with more people because it can be made larger. To expand the game, you must have at least two places of the same color for each player

A Spinner That You Can Make

To create a spinner:

  • Find a piece of cardboard or poster board that is approximately square and cut it out.
  • Cut out a hole in the middle of the poster board/cardboard with a hole punch.
  • Using a marker, draw two lines on the board, one horizontal and one vertical, that divide the board in half.
  • A huge circle should be drawn in the center of the board, passing across each quadrant.
  • Divide the circle into four portions for each quadrant (or whichever many colors you choose to use).
  • Color or write the name of the corresponding color in each quadrant of the playing mat.
  • Finish each quadrant by labeling the corresponding areas with the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 for each of the four primary colors.
  • The Right Foot quadrant should be labeled. Label quadrant two right hands, quadrant 3 left hand, and quadrant 4 right foot.
  • At the non-pointed end, cut out a thin cardboard arrow.
  • Use a roundhead fastener to attach it to the square cardboard.
  • Make any necessary changes to ensure that it can spin.

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Twister in Various Forms

Twister is a popular game that may be reimagined in various ways, from the board to the rules.

To spice things up a bit, here are a few suggestions:

  • Instead of using the conventional hands and feet, use elbows, knees, heads, and even derrieres as alternative body parts.
  • Start a dance party with some tunes and the whiteboard as your choreographer.
  • Take part in a human pretzel competition.
  • Have competitions to determine who can stay the longest in one place.
  • Players should be challenged while they are in difficult situations, such as push-ups, how low they can you go, and so on.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good time. It’s time to get or make your Twister.

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