How To Mow Your Lawn Without A Lawn Mower

You may not have access to a lawnmower for a variety of reasons. However, if you don’t cut your grass, you’ll have other issues.

String trimmers, hedge trimmers, scythes, cutting shears, scissors, golf clubs, and even farm animals can be used to trim your grass instead of a lawnmower.

See what your alternatives are for mowing the lawn in the next paragraphs!

There is no reason why you can’t operate a lawnmower.

To put it simply, lawnmowers will be prohibitively expensive for the average homeowner. A good lawn mower will set you back at least $300 if that is the only alternative you see.

You may get a lawnmower from a local resale shop, but it may require a lot of upkeep to keep it running. It will cost you a few thousand dollars instead of just a few hundred dollars for a riding lawn mower if your yard is large enough to necessitate more frequent grass mowing.

With a ride-on lawnmower, you may be able to save money initially, but you may wind up spending even more money on upkeep in the long run.

In addition, the price of a lawnmower will vary according to the model you select. If you’re using a gas lawnmower, you’ll need to think about how much gas you want to keep and how often you’ll need to refill your mower at the gas station.

Riding lawnmowers use more petrol, necessitating the purchase of extra fuel storage or a trailer to transport your lawnmower between the gas station and your home.

How many batteries will you need to mow your lawn with a battery-powered mower? We use a tiny, battery-powered lawn mower that lasts for several passes before needing new batteries to cut the front lawn.

We’ll need at least one and a half more batteries to complete the job once we reach the backyard.

If we wanted to mow our entire back and front yards in one day, we would either have to charge our battery twice or buy additional batteries.

As a result, the high cost of owning a lawnmower is a major deterrent to not using one. In addition, there’s the issue of time.

In addition to the time spent mowing the grass, there is the time it takes to maintain the lawnmower. Most of the time, your lawnmower will have frequent stops and starts, in my experience.

This is normal because the lawnmower’s base is clogged with grass, preventing the mower from removing the grass. This means stopping, turning the lawnmower on its side, and scraping out the mower’s base.

Spray it with WD40 after that. Once the lawnmower has been put away for the winter, you must also drain the gas (or use it all up) and change out the oil.

Not to mention the time and money it takes to sharpen the lawnmower blades.

Buying and maintaining a lawnmower will cost you a lot of money and effort, and that’s an excellent reason to look for other ways to cut your grass.

  • Recommendations for Additional Resources
  • Knife and scissors
  • Pruning tool
  • Shears for cutting scythes
  • Scissors
  • Golfing clubs
  • Machete

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Trimming the strings

A string trimmer is our first choice, and it’s the best alternative to a lawnmower.

To remove grass and weeds from the margins of your yard or in between trees or rocks that might prevent you from getting a lawnmower over those areas, use a string trimmer.

You can also edge your lawn with a string trimmer turned sideways. The head of our string trimmer may be turned to the side, making it easier to edge the lawn.

With a string trimmer, though, we’re talking about trimming your lawn. A lawnmower is far more efficient, but this will take you a long time.

Turn on your string trimmer and walk to a far area of your yard with the trimmer in hand. Make an approximately 180-degree swing with your string trimmer while walking to another part of your yard.

The majority of the grass in the area you want to trim will be cut with this swinging action. For complete lawn coverage, do this around the entire area.

Depending on the size of your yard, you may need to refill your string trimmer several times or change the battery several times before you’re done.

Your yard will have a distinctive design that you created by covering the entire space. There are a few drawbacks to this strategy, including the fact that the height of your grass will vary.

There will be a spot where the grass isn’t the same height as the rest of the yard because you’re swinging the string trimmer back and forth (deeper in the middle, higher on the outside). However, it will be able to fulfill the work of cutting the grass.

Pruning tool

In most cases, hedge trimmers are reserved only for trimming hedges. However, they can also be used to cut grass. Using hedge trimmers is an excellent idea because they can cover a large area quickly.

To make matters even easier, hedge-cutter models are normally designed to cut grass, usually thicker than hedges. Go ahead and start your hedge trimmer, depending on your model.

Swing the hedge trimmer back and forth as you walk from one-yard area to the next. Then repeat the process until you’ve covered the entirety of your backyard.

Because the hedge trimmer is similar to the string trimmer, you should expect uneven results when you’re done cutting your lawn.

On the other hand, the string trimmer has the advantage of being able to reach the ground while you are standing.

The hedge trimmer, on the other hand, does not. Because of this, you’ll need to stop when using the hedge trimmer to bring it near enough to the ground for control. And if you continue this for a long period, your back will be in pain.

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 The scythe has been around for quite some time. Scythe states that it was designed to chop grass and grain at ground level rather than a hedge trimmer or even a machete.

It also features a handle similar to a string trimmer, allowing you to go in close to the ground to cut. A handle is included with the scythe, making it easier to swing back and forth.

Start at one end of the yard and move the scythe back and forth as you walk, just like you would with a string trimmer or hedge trimmer.

Wearing shoes when using the scythe is also a good idea. Once you’ve reached the other side of the yard, return the way you came.

Do this until you’ve covered the entire yard. The scythe’s advantage is that it doesn’t require petrol or batteries.

All that stands in your way is your own physical and mental endurance. When you’ve had enough of swinging, you’ll need to take a break for a few minutes before continuing.

Your blades will need to be sharpened, but this should not be as time-consuming a task as acquiring gas or recharging batteries.


As previously noted, cutting grass at the hand level is easy with a machete. So if your grass is that high, a machete is a great option for you.

Using a machete to cut down tall grass will need you to get very close to the ground.

A pair of shears

In the same way that hedge trimmers are classed, cutting shears are a tool designed to do a certain task. They may be able to perform what you want, but they may not be as effective as they may be.

You’ll have to lean over quite a bit to trim your lawn with cutting shears, which aren’t capable of doing a lot of cutting at once.

However, if you are utterly resolute in your determination to go without a lawnmower, it may be possible to achieve your goal over time.

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As with the shears, some may consider this a ridiculous alternative. On the other hand, Scissors are an alternative if you have the time (or a young child who needs some energy expended).

Golfing clubs

Most of the grass on the golf course has probably been removed by now if you’re anything like I am. As a result, it’s a lot more common than you might think.

At home, you can do the same. Just remember that if you don’t bend your knees straight away, you could remove more soil from the ground than actual grass.

After that, your yard will be devoid of any greenery at all. So it’s best to be cautious with this option. ‘Place a golf ball on a tee and stroll around the yard swinging at it if you desire.

Practice your swing while strolling around the yard if you choose. The chances of your yard looking decent after taking a few swings with the golf club are slim, so don’t make this choice too seriously.

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The best way to cut your grass is to use a lawnmower. There are, however, several legitimate reasons why you would not want to own a lawnmower.

String trimmer, hedge trimmer, scythe, machete, scissors, or golf clubs are alternatives to a lawnmower if you find yourself in a scenario where you don’t want one.

There are better solutions than others.

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