How To Kill Tree Stumps Naturally

The more I learn about toxins and the harm they do to our bodies and the environment, the more I want to avoid them. I discovered the finest methods for naturally removing a tree stump.

I’ve spent months compiling a list of 12 natural techniques to remove tree stumps. If you simply cut down a tree, it will die.

If this doesn’t work, there are several other methods you can try, including covering the stump with a plastic bag, using goats (my personal favorite), Epsom salts, copper nails, boiling water, anaerobic compost tea, making a fairy garden, using a tractor, vinegar, rock salt, and even burning it.

If you’re interested in learning how to kill tree stumps organically with these approaches, please keep reading! Here are the top 12 non-poisonous methods for taking down a tree.

Recommendation Tools

  • Chainsaw
  • Garbage bags in the color of trash
  • Shovel’s Bucket
  • Salts made from Epsom salts
  • Drills with a high-powered motor
  • Drill bit for wood
  • Hammer
  • The copper nails

1. Just slash it.

This concept is at the top of my list because cutting down trees will usually result in death. Listed here are the trees that can be cut down and those that must be destroyed. There is no need to remove the stump or the roots of conifers, pines, or maple trees; they will all die.

Even if your tree has already been taken down, there are still nine natural ways to get rid of the trunk and roots.

2. When using plastic bags to kill tree stumps

By cutting the tree down to the stump and wrapping it in a plastic bag, one of my permaculture-certified friends was able to kill his elm trees without harming them. I recently tried it out on a tree to see if this works.

Cover the stump with black plastic, and you’ll have a tree stump. A black plastic waste bag was needed to secure the bag around the tree stump. Exactly how this kills tree stumps remains a mystery to me. Suffocation or the sun’s heat is the most likely cause of the tree stump’s demise.

For a tree stump that is still alive, you would follow the same procedure, only having to cut the stump fresh. Cut below the point from which the suckers are ejecting. After that, use a plastic bag and duck tape to secure the freshly cut stump.

3. Goats can be used to get rid of tree stumps.

It’s my preferred method for removing a stump from a tree. For those of you who don’t already have one, get one.

In particular, if you obtain a baby goat and bottle feed it, it is a wonderful pet. They’ll leave their mark on you. My childhood pet goat, Frodo, was pygmy, and he bonded with me, following me about, responding to my commands, and even chasing people if I told him to. He was one of the most beloved dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning.

Because goats are browsers, not grazers like cows and sheep, they are excellent stump-killers. Leaves, bushes, and trees are among the favorites of browsers. A stump will die if a goat is tied to a rope next to it or a fence erected around it.

The goats will devour the tree stump as soon as it sprouts new growth. Even the bark is not off-limits to them. The elm or Russian olive tree, which are extremely hardy trees, may attempt to put up new branches three times before giving up.

That stub should be gone for good in a few months. Remove the stump as soon as it stops producing new shoots.

Using a horse to destroy a tree in the same manner, would also be a viable option. Instead of hiring an animal for the job, you may simply cut off all of the tree’s branches yourself, and it will eventually die. It’d take a lot more time and effort.

4. Tree Stumps Removed Using A Tractor

A tractor or backhoe can be used to remove the entire tree and its roots from the ground. There should be no return of the tree roots when you’ve dug deep enough.

If you have the equipment or know someone who does, this is a fast and efficient way to organically eliminate a tree stump.

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5. When it comes to compost tea and how to use it to help repair the soil,

I’ve learned a lot about anaerobic compost tea. According to Elaine Ingram, it’s possible to create a poisonous concoction if you don’t correctly.

When there is a lot of oxygen in the environment, beneficial microorganisms can proliferate. The absence of oxygen is referred to as anaerobic metabolism. A terrible batch of compost tea can be made in an instant. Get a bucket of water. When using municipal water, you must let it sit for a day to remove all of the chlorine.

Then, in your bucket of dechlorinated water, add some compost. Pour it onto your freshly cut tree stump after letting it sit for a few days. In addition, douse the roots with the solution.

You’ll have made a batch of fungal and bacteria-killing concoctions. The good folks will be slaughtered, and the tree will go hungry. It’s worth a shot, even if it doesn’t work.

6. Epsom salts can be used to kill tree stumps.

After reading about people using Epsom salts to kill tree stumps, I attempted this myself, but it didn’t work for my stumps. I did exactly what you asked me to do.

My first step was to conduct a fresh cut off the stump, only removing the portion of the stump that still had living wood. After that, I bored a slew of holes into the stump’s core. Afterward, I covered the area with a tarp and left it for several months to cure.

I had completely forgotten about it until I returned and noticed that sucker branches were growing from the stump down below. However, that doesn’t indicate that the same strategy won’t work for you.

There are several things you can do to help the stump heal, like soaking the stump in water once a week, but that’s a lot of work for me. I used Epsom salts to kill elm trees, so they may destroy yours, too. To find out, there is just one method.

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7. When using rock salt to kill tree stumps,

The benefit of utilizing Epsom salts instead of rock salt is that Epsom salt is also beneficial to plants. Not so with rock salt. My tree stump may have died if I had used rock salt instead of Epsom salts. You cut the stump, drill holes, fill them with rock salt, then cover them with a tarp in the same order.

Drilling larger holes are the only difference because rock salt is usually in large chunks. Alternatively, you might use a salt block as an overlay. The only drawback is that if deer are nearby, it will attract them.

In my experience, using salt to destroy trees does work, but the problem is that the tree may never grow again without some nice compost tea and a layer of mulch around it.

8. How to Use Copper Nails to Remove a Stump from a Tree

Over a year, copper nails have been proven to destroy trees by several sources. If you don’t mind the copper nails progressively poisoning your stump, this is an option. A year is too long to wait for an experiment to see if it is effective. Goats will suffice.

You have to nail a circle of copper nails around the stump into the tree’s living tissue. Wait a year, and your tree stump should succumb to the poison.

9. How To Kill A Tree Stump With Boling Water

So I’ve heard about this, but I’m not sure if it will truly work. Freshly cut your tree stump and then douse the freshly cut stump in boiling water are the first steps in this process. Give it a try and let me know whether it works for you or doesn’t.

Supposedly, the tree will die from the heat of the water. I can’t see how this will work. If somebody had tried this, the tree would have died due to the cutting.

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10. Vinegar can be used to kill tree stumps.

Vinegar has been used by people who have accidentally killed their trees. Thus it might work on a tree stump. Take the same steps I’ve outlined in the past.

Drill holes in the stump’s outer ring and fill with vinegar once it has been freshly cut. Because it’s the cheapest, I’d just use white distilled vinegar. Try that and see if it helps.

Bonus Ways

Way 11: A Simple Fire-Stopping Technique for Tree Stump Removal

There are a few drawbacks to using fire to remove a tree stump. First and foremost, the tree is still thriving. Wet wood doesn’t burn as efficiently. So, here’s how I’d put out a fire to kill a tree stump.

Depending on your location, a large bonfire, with the stump at the bottom, may be sufficient to burn out the water and the stump. The last thing you want is a couple of fire vehicles coming to your house. Call the fire department at the first sign of a problem.

Burn barrels are another option. Remove the bottom of a 55-gallon metal drum and discard it. Light the wood or charcoal in the barrel and place it over the stump.

Even if the fire treatment kills your tree, you can always do it again and have a campfire with hot dogs and marshmallows for s’mores. Your tree stump should be rendered inert after a few fires.

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Way 12: Make A Fairy Garden Out Of A Tree Stump

These days, fairy gardens are all the rage. Plant some flowers and a couple of fairies inside the stump’s hollow core after cutting it out. The stump should decompose over time, but in the meantime, it adds a whimsical touch to the fairy garden. Your fairy garden will be the talk of the town.

I’ll be adding to this list as I discover new techniques to kill trees naturally. This is only a fraction of what I know. Everyone I inform about this site has a unique method of destroying trees.

I’m sure I’ll come up with even better ways to kill a tree organically in the future. There is no need for hazardous chemicals to get rid of your tree stump in this manner.

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