How To Kill An Elm Tree (Completely Dead Fast)

Find out how to get rid of an elm tree by reading this article! There were five Chinese Elm trees on my rental property that needed to be removed.

As a result, they damaged my fences and outgrowing my Rose of Sharon plant. I’ve tried several different approaches to getting rid of them without success. Here’s what I did that worked.

I’ve found that the easiest approach to destroy an elm tree is to chop it down and then poison the Stump right away with Tordon. I used salt, Roundup, the hack and squirt approach, and girdling to try and get rid of them. All of which was a failure. Using Fertilome Brush and Stump Killer, I destroyed little elm trees that were less than 4 feet tall. Here are the detailed steps I took to eliminate all of my undesirable elm trees.

Small Elm Tree Killing Methods

As elm trees produce thousands of seeds each year, you may have noticed. After they land, these seeds germinate. I have to remove all of my undesired little elm trees from my rental property every year.

Having them start growing on the lawn isn’t always negative since the mower appears to accomplish the trick. Trouble begins when trees begin to grow near a bush or a fence. You may need to take more aggressive steps even after a year’s worth of growth.

With four enormous Chinese Elm trees that I wish to maintain for shade, I’ve had to figure out the best approach to eliminate a large number of little elm trees. Fertilome Brush and Stump Killer are what I’ve discovered to be the most effective.

I only need to mix one gallon in a little sprayer according to the directions, and that’s plenty for the task. Roundup or Killzall herbicides would also work. If you’ve got some concentration on hand, go ahead and use it.

Spraying the leaves from tree to tree, I move fast. All of the little trees on my property can be felled in under 30 minutes by me. Eventually, the leaves will begin to fade and drop. And eventually, it will die.

A good rainstorm might be enough to make it possible for you to pull them out by hand. With the roots still embedded in the earth, new trees can sprout if you try to remove them. Small elm trees can be killed quickly and reliably by spraying their leaves.

According to my research, spraying the leaves of an elm tree will not kill it if it is larger than 4 feet. The branches will be killed this year, but new ones will grow in their place next year. Keep reading if your trees are larger because I’ll tell you how I got rid of mine.

Large Elm Tree Killing Methods

It’s strange, but I made a video on YouTube describing the five best ways to kill trees, and none of them worked. The trees I cut down in the video were still there a few months later, which astonished me.

The video has more than 55,000 views as of this writing. I sincerely apologize to anyone interested in seeing my video. Following my investigation, I have discovered what kills elm trees. It’s not salt, Roundup, copper nails, or any other outlandish ideas you’ll see floating around the internet.

It turns out that Tordon, the most commonly used product to kill robust trees like elms, is most commonly used by arborists (those who destroy trees for a job). Follow these simple procedures to ensure that massive elm trees never sprout again.

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1. Make a stump out of the elm tree.

There’s no need to worry if your elm tree is less than 15 feet tall; simply chop it down. When dealing with huge elm trees, you can begin by removing the lowest branches, working your way up the tree, and then cutting the trunk into manageable parts until you are left with a stump.

If you intend to use a vehicle to remove the Stump, leave the Stump a little longer so that you may secure a rope or chain. To grind or remove the Stump, you should remove it as near the ground as possible.

2. Use Tordon on the Stump.

As soon as you remove the tree stump, you must be prepared to immediately treat the wound. A tree killer’s effectiveness can be reduced by 70% only by waiting 30 minutes.

Make sure you wear long-sleeved shirts and pants to protect yourself from the elements. Don’t get Tordon on your talent by not wearing chemical-resistant gloves. The Umpa Lumpa or Smurf transformation is a complete hoax.

Toxic to the eyes and skin, Gordon’s Toxicity Rating indicated it was “moderate.” Neither you nor I want to be a 10-year human experiment. What?! Is it true that mercury is harmful to humans? Just be safe.

The entire Stump does not need to be treated; only the outer ring beneath the bark needs to be addressed. Treat the tree by removing the cap.

Wait for 3 to 5 days before cutting the Stump to make sure it’s dead. Elm trees can be treated in various ways that will all result in their death. I’ve found Tordon to be the simplest and fastest method.

When used on an elm tree, will Roundup cause it to die?

You can only destroy an elm tree with Roundup if you add a few other things, including sand and water. Ammonium Sulfate and a surfactant are required. The recipe I discovered from the Utah Ag Extension may be found in my article on how to get rid of a tree stump quickly.

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Stump Killer by Gordon’s.

Elm trees can be killed with Gordons Stump Killer, although I’ve read that it also kills nearby trees and is more difficult to locate.

Put A Stop To It

I spoke with an elm tree owner who recently told me that sealing the Stump’s top with plastic had killed his trees. Although he claimed it worked for him, I have yet to give it a shot. To kill an elm tree naturally, you can attempt this method.

3. Take out the Stump.

A tree stump can be removed in a variety of methods. A stump grinder can be rented and used to grind down the Stump, but this is the most time-consuming and expensive option.

This may be a worthwhile investment if you have many stumps. If you’re on a budget, digging and cutting the roots until you can take the Stump out by hand is an option.

You may be able to use a tractor or a vehicle to remove the Stump from your elm tree, depending on its size. A little digging may still be necessary to remove some of the larger roots. Making a Swedish candle or using a burn barrel are two options for igniting the Stump.

I used Epsom salts and a tarp to try to decompose a stump, but that didn’t work. I saw a woman do this on YouTube and claim it works, but I couldn’t replicate it. Even months afterward, my Stump was still quite firm.

My final suggestion is to create a fairy garden out of your Stump. Nowadays, fairy gardens are all the rage. In this case, you may not be able to remove the Stump from your fence. These are the steps I’ve followed to successfully kill and remove all of my elm trees. What are you going to do with all this wood now?

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Do not toss it out!

Using Elm Wood: A Guide to Recycling

Your elm tree wood should not be wasted in any way. If you’re still undecided about whether or not to keep it, here are some reasons.

1. Choice of Fuel

Chopping all your wood into excellent firewood is the least you can do. Elm is a long-burning wood with a high density. If they don’t have one, make some extra cash by selling your kid’s old fireplace.

2. a Hugelkultur Raised Garden

Your garden or trees can be planted on top of the wood mound you’ve dug out. When the wood is buried, it functions as a giant sponge, soaking up a tonne of water. You won’t have to water your plants as frequently after they reach maturity. Even raised grow boxes have been used for this purpose.

Build a raised garden bed that uses far less water by placing a few pieces of wood in the bottom and then adding soil and compost on top.

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3. Nature Playground

I used my giant logs as a sandbox boundary for my children. However, the logs your children or grandchildren can play on can also be used for various other enjoyable activities. If you look up natural playground, you’ll find many creative ways to put your logs to good use.

Now let me see if I was able to persuade you. As a result, you now know exactly how to remove an elm tree from your property.

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