How To Kill A Tree Without Anyone Knowing

Having a tree cut down secretly is possible if you know what you’re doing. Using my enormous knowledge of tree-killing techniques, I’ve devised the most effective means of eliminating trees without being noticed.

First, cutting down your neighbor’s tree is not something I advocate or endorse. For your safety, don’t mess with their property.

If a neighbor’s tree is interfering with your daily life, I recommend discussing it with your neighbor and negotiating an agreement to remove the tree. It’s a good idea to put up some money to cover the cost of the tree’s removal.

HomeAdvisor is the greatest method to quickly acquire a few free quotes from local professionals. Even if you may not want your children or your neighbor to know that you’ve killed a tree, here are some of the finest techniques to kill a tree undetected.

How To Kill A Tree Unnoticed And Quickly

Make a few holes in the dirt beneath the roots and inject Tordon there. There is no better tree killer than Tordon. Most arborists recommend using this method to kill the most resilient trees. See my Tordon RTU: Complete User Guide to learn more about Tordon and how to use it appropriately.

I believe that drilling multiple holes into the roots through the earth to kill the tree would be just as effective as cutting it down and treating the tree’s exterior layer or cambium layer with Tordon.

The hole in the wood will be undetectable if you drill into the roots below the earth. It may be more difficult to conceal a hole drilled above ground.

A piece of bark and some adhesive would work, but drilling into a root and filling it with Tordon would be much more convenient. This is something I’d do to the tree’s roots and possibly a few others as well. The tree should die after a few days. See my article on how to kill a tree for additional information.

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To kill a tree without anyone noticing, here is a step-by-step

I’ve never seen something like this before. To my surprise, I came upon this when researching tree killers. When researching a tree killer called Gordon’s Stump Killer, I came across this.

Cottonwood trees within a 50-foot radius of a stump containing this substance were all dead, and they were all over 50 years old. “I’m ill to my stomach, and I sobbed.”

In some way, Gordon’s Stump Killer can destroy other trees near its stump. Now for the plan. A nearby tree or bush can be killed using Gordon’s Stump Killer, and tall trees in the vicinity will also die. Gordon’s Stump Killer could be the answer if this person’s claim is accurate. There are no promises.

Amounts of salt that are hazardous to plants can go undetected for long periods

A YouTube commenter suggested digging a trench next to the tree, filling it with Epsom salts, and covering it back up. You’ll need a lot of Epsom salts for this to work, but they’re reasonably priced. It may be difficult to dig an undetectable hole and cover it up, especially in the grass.

If you’re digging a hole close to oak, you’ll have a hard time because of the roots. This isn’t the best plan, but I believe it would work, and the tree would eventually die.

To progressively poison a tree, copper nails can be used. I’ve heard conflicting reports on the effectiveness of this method, and even when it does work, it takes a long time, say over a year, to kill a tree. However, you can kill a tree by hammering copper nails into its trunk.

Hammering nails into the roots, removing bark and nailing it back in place, or attaching copper nails to the tree would be the best ways to do this without being noticed. Even if this method works, I still prefer boring holes into the tree’s roots and dousing them with Tordon.

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Ideas for Poisoning a Tree in a Hidden Way from YouTube Comments

I’ve scoured the comments on my YouTube video, How to Kill a Tree Without Anyone Knowing, for the best ideas. These amused me greatly, and I suspect they will as well. Just stick a Trump for President sign securely into the trunk of a tree…

Some people out there would destroy a tree if it had a Trump sign attached to it (I’m not saying that Trump is a bad person, but there are some people out there who are truly haters). Half of it should be in your yard.

You may kill a black walnut tree by watering it with a 55-gallon drum full of the husks saved from the nuts. If you do this for a few weeks, the tree will die. Drill a half-inch hole as close to the center as feasible…

Drilling around the tree’s circumference at the base may necessitate multiple holes. Plug the holes with soft mud and insert 3/8 copper tubing.

I spent around 10 cents pounding solid copper coins from the late 1950s and early 1960s into a tree that would soon die. If you ever find ten pennies 60 years old, save them for when you need to kill a tree without anyone else noticing. ‘

When I saw a YouTube video claiming to “liven up” drooping or low-color tree leaves, I was horrified to discover that vinegar was killing them. That’s apple cider vinegar for you, right there.

Take advantage of the fact that they are away from the office. Cover up your neighbor’s tree destruction with fireworks on the Fourth of July.

The most efficient method of removing a tree. Pour a liter of Muriatic Acid around the tree’s base every night for about a week. Make sure you don’t stand in the path of the smoky fumes, which can irritate your eyes or cause lung damage if inhaled. The tree’s leaves should begin to fall by the end of that week.

Continue feeding it for another week if you don’t see any leaves falling. The tree will die if it loses all of its leaves. For a reasonable price, muriatic Acid can be purchased in 1-gallon jugs at Lowe’s or Home Depot. It’s in the pool equipment section.

Approximately two years ago, a gallon of regular gas cost $3.65. Lowe’s has it for $8, or you can get a 2-gallon container for roughly $11. The 31-1/2 percent concentration product is what you’re after.

The tree has copper nails driven into its trunk by the previous owners. Do this in the wee morning hours when no one is around to see you. You can do your best to reduce the noise by ensuring that the nails are completely embedded in the wood. My father was a big fan of this strategy.

In a pot of boiling water, combine salt and water and pour it into the openings around the Root system. Back from the roots, pour water into the earth below the root level of the grass.ROCK-SALT can also be used as a root pack.

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The trunk should be surrounded by mounds of rich soil about 2 feet deep, and a garden should be planted in that soil that receives frequent watering. Bugs that break and eat the tree’s bark will be drawn to the moist soil near the trunk, ultimately leading to the tree’s demise.

So take your time and enjoy the garden while you wait. During the time, it’s a shade garden; remember that once the tree has fallen, the garden could become a sun garden. Plan ahead of time.

I’m amazed no one has come up with this idea yet. Copper nails aren’t the ideal approach to killing a tree that looks like it’s dying naturally because they’re too conspicuous. Instead, turn to chemistry for assistance.

To manufacture copper sulfate, you’ll need sulphuric Acid, an aqueous solution. Just come up with a method of distributing it to the roots, and you’ll be set. Digging up and folding over a piece of sod on your grass will take care of any tree in your yard, no matter how close it is.

Then excavate at least a foot down, produce a trench, and drop the contents. It may take a year or two for the tree to absorb the chemical composition, but it’s already there in the natural world. Roundup or other herbicides can be sprayed into the ground if you’re looking for speedier results.

After dumping, fill the pit or trench with clean fill and lay sod over the area. A sprinkler may be necessary to keep your lawn alive. On the other hand, the roots of grass don’t go much deeper than a few inches, which is why it’s necessary to dig down deep. The quest is on!

So, you’ve decided to take out a tree while concealed. Loads of copper spikes and electricity. Pine trees benefit from an acidic fertilizer. On top of all this, I’m constantly watering it. I used a hatchet at night while it was dark to wrap it.

Alternatively, you might drill a hole halfway through the tree and plant an M-80 there. Using crayons, draw a sign that reads “death commie dork” and light the fuse. They’ll assume that your tree was assaulted by a group of kids from the area.

Harvey Updyke can also be contacted, and he’ll get the job done. I’ve always heard that borax can destroy a tree, but I haven’t tried it myself…

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Using water with a low PH balance is all you need to do. It will die because of the excessive acidity. Simple: While playing, have the children dig a hole near the tree. Add Epsom salts and then dirt to the hole after it is dark. It will eventually succumb.

The trimmer works on young trees, but the bark is too thick on older trees, so use a hand saw to score the bark around the tree into the interior section, and it will die. I hope some of these ideas were as hilarious to you as they were to me. After reading this guide, you should be able to kill a tree without anyone noticing.

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