How to Fix a Broken Trampoline Net

You can keep your children safe when they jump on the trampoline by using a trampoline net. If you’re worried about your kids falling through the trampoline net, you’ll need a better trampoline net than what you’re currently using.

How do you mend a safety net that’s been ripped apart?? Tie a knot in the safety net, then thread some upholstery thread or fishing line through the net and tie a knot at the other end of the thread or line.

Recommendation Tools

  • Thread for upholstered furniture
  • Fishermen use a fishing line.

Why spend time and money repairing your safety net?

You should repair your safety net to save money rather than buy one. Depending on the trampoline’s style and size, you may have to spend quite a bit of money replacing it if it tears.

Skywalker Trampolines trampolines with a safety net of 12 feet, 14 feet, or 15 feet can cost up to $80 to replace that’s just the entry-level price.

On the other hand, Patching holes yourself will only cost you a maximum of $20.Next, fixing the safety net is much easier than you think.

With a little work and persistence, you can create a safety net that looks as good as new. In addition, most individuals would consider a little hole to be insignificant.

A little hole might quickly turn into a large hole with a safety net. When a child sees a hole, you’d assume they’d try to avoid it as much as possible. It’s a challenge for some kids, who perceive the hole as an opportunity to grow.

That way, you can keep the hole from getting worse before it becomes a major issue by repairing rather than replacing the item (since you will most likely buy the replacement safety net online and have to wait a few days to arrive).

For the sake of your children, it would be a good idea to demonstrate to them that it isn’t always necessary to throw out a broken item immediately.

In today’s world, far too many items are tossed away that could have been mended with relative ease. If the trampoline safety net is broken, it is better to fix it than toss it away and leave it in a landfill.

Knowing when it’s time to repair your safety net

There are a few ways to tell if it’s time to fix your net. In the first of these indicators, you’ll notice a breach in your safety net.

As previously stated, even the tiniest rip in the safety net can grow into a massive one. Keep an eye out for any holes in the safety net.

Your trampoline’s safety net should be checked regularly for any holes. Setting up a specific day weekly to check will help you establish a routine.

Sagging safety nets is also something to keep an eye out for. The top of the safety net should appear to be a straight line from pole to pole when you look at it. An unsafe situation is created when one or more safety nets are drooping in the middle of a straight line.

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Using upholstery thread, sew the two pieces together.

You’ll need some upholstery thread and a needle to do it this way. The first step is to thread the needle’s eye with upholstery thread.

Make a knot on the opposite end of the thread by wrapping it around both sides of the eye in equal parts. This knot prevents the thread from slipping through the net when it is tightened.

Start from the right end of the safety net hole. The needle must be threaded through a safety net at the hole’s very top before being inserted.

Pull the needle back up out of the hole using the safety net. Then, repeat the process a few inches to the left of where you were before.

Pull the needle once more through the hole’s bottom. Continue this across the hole in the safety net until you’ve made it to the other side.

To close the hole, begin by pulling the upholstery thread as hard as possible. Pull the needle through the net a second time once you’ve finished threading the upholstery thread through the net, but don’t take it all the way through.

After it has been drawn through the net, thread the needle through the loop and tighten it up. Repeat this procedure to make a double knot at the end of your thread. Make sure the knot and thread don’t fall out of place by doing this.

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Fix with a fishing line

A needle is unnecessary if you use a fishing line. You won’t need a fishing line to help you through the process because the fishing line will be thick enough.

In addition, it should be thick enough to keep it in place once you’ve tightened it. The first step is to insert the fishing line into the safety net on the right side of the hole.

Return it to the safety net by pulling it back through the opening you created. Then, thread the fishing line through the loop and tighten it up.

This will let you secure the fishing line with a simple starting knot. The fishing line should be threaded through the safety net in the same manner as if using thread and a needle were described.

As long as you’re using a fishing line, you don’t have to keep tying the line around the safety net every time. Once you’ve inserted the fishing line through the safety net hole, it’s strong enough to be pulled taut.

Make a neat loop at the end by pulling the line tight and then through the safety net. Insert a fishing line through the loop and tighten it tightly to secure the knot. When you put off your extra fishing line, you’ll be finished.

If you’re looking for extra guidance on securing the safety net with the fishing line, I’ve discovered a helpful video here.

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How to mend a drooping safety net

When there are holes in the net, the safety net begins to sag. Because of the gaps, the safety net is not as secure as it should be.

Keeping the safety net from sagging should be easier if you fix any holes. The safety net’s support poles should also be examined.

The poles’ nuts and bolts can come undone from time to time. Tighten them, and you’ll have a better chance of keeping the network secure. Do not discard your safety net and buy a new one after a hole has been discovered.

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It should be simple and inexpensive to repair a rip in the safety net. You can also use a fishing line or upholstery thread and needle.

Fill in the hole as per the instructions

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