How Do You Replace a Trampoline Mat?

As long as you take care of your trampoline, you should be able to get three to eight years out of a mat. When the trampoline mat wears out, you either need to buy a new one or replace it.

Work gloves, a trampoline spring pull tool, a new trampoline mat, and fresh springs are required to replace a trampoline mat. Keep reading to learn how to replace the mat most efficiently and effectively.

why a new trampoline isn’t preferable to a new mat

You may only need to change the trampoline’s mat every three to eight years, depending on the condition of the frame and legs. Make a circuitous walk around the trampoline, checking for any slack in the screws.

Verify that the legs and frame are straight and free of bends. If your trampoline’s springs are bent, it’s time to get a new one.

When the trampoline’s legs and frame are bent, they lose their structural integrity, necessitating a new trampoline. You may get away with only replacing the mat if there is no sign of damage.

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Replace the mat with the following items.

  • As a spring-pull tool

Getting the old mat’s springs off and reattaching them to the new mat is the most time-consuming phase of mat replacement. It’d be nigh impossible to accomplish this by hand.

To quickly remove and reinstall the springs, you’ll need a spring pull tool. It’s possible to extend the springs to their full length with the help of a spring pull tool.

On Amazon, you may buy a spring-pull tool.

  • Gloves for the job are required.

Having a pair of work gloves on hand will come in handy when it comes time to pull the springs. Pulling the springs will be easier with the gloves on, and you won’t have to worry about getting blisters on your hands.

  • A brand-new rug

In most cases, the trampoline mat takes the majority of the impact. Replace your mat every few years to get the most out of it. There are many trampolines of varying sizes that require different numbers of springs, so before you go out and get a new mat, you’ll need to know how big yours is (in feet across).

For this reason, don’t skimp on the mat while you’re shopping around for new ones.A trampoline-compatible and well-reviewed model is the best option.

This is where you’ll find a new trampoline mat.

  • Spring has sprung anew.

By the time you buy a new mat, you will almost certainly need to buy new springs. While you may not realize it, your springs also take a battering.

However, they may be close to losing all of their spring. You’ll need the nicest and most up-to-date springs to get the most out of it with a new mat.

Your mat may wear out faster if you don’t repair the worn-out springs. Also, if you buy new springs, they will often come with a spring pull tool. As a result, one less item will be required. Find some new springs here.

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How to swap out a floor mat

It’s a simple task once you learn how to replace the mat. Choosing a time of day when you’re in peak physical condition is essential, as you’ll be doing a lot of tugging.

Listed below are the steps to follow:

  1. Put on your work gloves and remove the first spring with your spring pull tool. The spring pull tool should be inserted into the hook at the end of the spring, then pulled. In my opinion, extract the springs from the frame rather than attempting to remove them from the mat. It will be easier to remove from the mat when you remove it from the frame. Pull the spring pull tool back until the hook comes out of the frame after being inserted into the hook. To remove the spring tool from the frame, you may have to move it in several directions.
  2. To remove all the trampoline springs, repeat step one around the trampoline. However, other people recommend removing the springs one by one until all of them have been removed, which is OK. The first few springs may be difficult to remove, but the process becomes easier as you remove additional springs.
  3. Throw away the old man.
  4. Place the new mat in the middle of the frame after being brought in.
  5. In one of the mat’s rings, insert a spring. Place it in the ring and then in a hole in the frame after it’s in there.
  6. Step five should be repeated until the mat and frame have a few springs next.
  7. There are two methods to proceed at this point. You have two options:
  8. Place the springs in one of the circles as you go around the other way. As you go around the trampoline, you’ll discover that it becomes increasingly difficult to insert springs since the holes in the frame and the rings in the mat don’t always line up with each other. Or
  9. Using the “four-corner” method, you set four or five springs in one area, count over ten or twelve holes, and add another four or five springs to the arrangement. With this technique, you can stretch out the mat as you complete the final few springs. Be advised that if you don’t count correctly, you may have to remove springs you’ve already installed and reinstall them in the correct positions.
  10. Make your way around the trampoline until all of your springs have been inserted. If you want to stretch out the spring further than you can with your hands alone, utilize the spring pull tool.
  11. Now it’s over for you. The trampoline mat you just purchased is here to stay.

Replacing your trampoline mat? Be prepared for these potential snags. Changing the springs around the trampoline in a circular motion can be a challenge because of the springs’ position.

You may observe that the springs at the mat come in at a 45-degree angle to the holes in the frame rather than straight across. As you progress along with the trampoline, it will be more difficult to install the springs.

If you have more than half the springs in your trampoline, you can help by gently jumping on it. Otherwise, do not use the trampoline.

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Jumping around a bit will enable the springs to find their appropriate position.

Another option is to add one or more springs to the trampoline’s opposite end to address this issue. Trampoline springs will come in at a 90-degree angle instead of 45 degrees.

There were 96 springs in our 14-foot trampoline. With the help of the spring pull tool, I managed to put in about half of the springs. However, my arms began to ache. You could also run into the issue of simply being exhausted. Take a break if you start to feel drowsy.

Alternatively, enlist the help of a significant other or adolescent to do a few while you relax. The exhaustion of putting springs on a trampoline might be relieved by taking a break.

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In addition, there are several other options.

To assist you in replacing your trampoline mat, here are a few helpful resources. An alternative method of replacing the trampoline mat is demonstrated in this short video on YouTube.Another YouTube video shows you how to remove your trampoline’s springs with a different approach.

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