Are Springfree Trampolines Safer Than Other Trampolines?

Spring-assisted trampolines were the norm in my childhood neighborhood. The Springfree trampoline has never even crossed my mind.

On the other hand, Springfree trampolines have developed a trampoline without springs that the business claims is 93% safer than other trampolines. So, what is it about these trampolines without springs that make them safer?

Yes, spring-free trampolines are better than ordinary trampolines in terms of safety. Hidden frames, flexible rods, and UV-protected mats make them safer.

Learn why spring-free trampolines are safer and how you may improve the safety of your standard trampoline.

Traditional trampolines are dangerous because of what?

The classic trampoline has several issues, including:

  • In the springs

The springs of a conventional trampoline are exposed, and there is a gap between each spring. The trampoline’s springs are what give it its bounce. The springs extend to take on the weight of your landing.

Retracting the springs causes the mat to tighten, allowing you to jump higher. There is potential harm to the trampoline due to the springs and gap.

When a trampoline user misses a spring, they may twist an ankle, the spring may fly off the trampoline, or the spring may simply break. A person’s leg could be injured, or the mat has torn if they fall into the space.

Trampoline games with my kids used to involve lying on the trampoline while they jumped, and I tried to trip them up. One of them would frequently miss the trampoline and land on a spring while playing this game.

Even if we placed the game closer to the center of the mat, children were still able to hit the springs. Jumpers face significant risk due to the presence of exposed springs.

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  • The context

The trampoline’s frame is exposed to the elements, and the jumper is outside the mat

The trampoline’s metal structure might potentially pose a risk to jumpers.It is possible to break a bone, twist an ankle, or even fall and injure yourself if the trampoline is missed and someone hits the metal frame.

  • The rug

Wearing trampoline mats is a common problem. Too much weight on it, or the deterioration of the climate, could be to blame. The trampoline mat can also be damaged by too much exposure to direct sunlight, making it dangerous to jump on.

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Is there a way to deal with these issues?

There are numerous alternatives to purchasing a new trampoline for dealing with the problems above. To begin, you’ll need to invest in a trampoline safety pad.

Visit your local Wal-Mart to check if they sell these or order them from Amazon. These safety pads will protect the springs and the gap between each spring.

Jumpers won’t fall through the holes or get caught on the springs, and the springs will be protected from wear and weather. You can either buy a safety net enclosure from Amazon or go to the nearest Wal-Mart as a second option.

Using the enclosure, you can prevent people from falling beyond the trampoline’s area. However, this does not guarantee total safety, but it is a significant step in the right direction.

In addition, some trampoline manufacturers include the mat and safety net in the trampoline’s purchasing price. Most trampolines made by Skywalker Trampolines come with a pad and enclosure, as evidenced by the company’s website.

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What are the drawbacks of a trampoline without springs?

  • The frame is hidden from view.

The frame is situated beneath the jumping surface in the spring-less trampoline as opposed to springs.The frame is hidden from view beneath the surface to keep jumpers safe.

As a result, it is unlikely that someone will land on the frame or hit it when attempting a leap. Because the frame is rustproof, it will not peel from exposure to the weather.

  • Rods that can bend

Springfree trampolines employ patented flexible rods instead of traditional springs. These rods are tucked beneath the mat and attached to the frame to ensure that no one is harmed.

  • The rug

Thanks to its unique composite construction, the Springfree trampoline mat is three times as sturdy as a standard trampoline mat. In addition, it is UV-protected, which means it may be left out in the sun longer before needing to be replaced. The mat, according to Springfree, can withstand intense sun exposure for thousands of hours.

  • Warranty

A 10-year warranty is also included with each trampoline purchased from Springfree Trampolines. Compared to other trampoline producers, this guarantee includes all trampoline components.

Springfree trampolines provide additional advantages.

According to their website, Springfree trampolines provide the same bounce as a traditional trampoline but are less taxing on the knees and joints of those who use them. As a result, they would be more beneficial to those with knee or joint issues and those who want to avoid them.

Weight-loss enthusiasts will find this very useful. Springfree trampolines have been better for your knees, making them an excellent weight-loss tool.

More than 90% safer than standard trampolines, Springfree trampolines are the preferred option.

Trampolining on Springfree trampolines has many drawbacks.

The trampolines’ most significant drawback is unquestionably their price. A Springfree trampoline might cost as much as two or three times as a standard trampoline. Springfree trampolines currently range from $799 to $2,399, with the latter being the most expensive.

A 14-foot trampoline from Skywalker Trampolines costs $369, while an Olympic-sized trampoline costs $1,295. Springfree trampolines, on the other hand, are more expensive. Springfree trampolines are either out of stock or can be pre-ordered at this writing. You may have to wait a bit for a Springfree trampoline.

Setup time for a Springfree trampoline is likewise said to take 2-3 hours, although some who have set up their trampoline say it takes more than three hours with two people. This was mostly because it was difficult to correctly put the rods into the mat.

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In conclusion,

Each form of the trampoline has advantages and disadvantages. If you go with a conventional trampoline, you’ll save money, but safety is a tradeoff.

Investing a little more money in padding and enclosures can alleviate some of these safety concerns. Springfree trampolines eliminate most of the safety concerns, but you’ll have to pay a lot more for their trampolines to get them.

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