20 Uses For Your Backyard Pergola

A trampoline, a pizza oven, and a pergola at the top of a rock stairway were some of the luxuries of the first house we purchased.

Pergola of wood. At first, we were baffled by the pergola’s design. This thing just sat, appearing like it had no purpose, at the top of the steps.

What is the purpose of a pergola, exactly?

A pergola frames the vista. Perhaps our misunderstanding stemmed from the fact that the pergola was not being utilized to its maximum extent. As with the freshly mowed lawn, it was likely constructed to boost the backyard’s curb appeal for potential buyers.

It wasn’t until my spouse mentioned the “p” word that I realized we had never had a pergola before.

Considering that it was in our backyard, I felt we’d better find out what it was used for. With its wooden pillars and slatted roof, the pergola is a patio cover meant to allow vine-like plants to be trained up and around it for shade, greenery, and beauty.

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Roman pillars adorn this pergola. I first planted two miniature grape plants at the base of two pillars, hoping to train them up the posts and onto the slatted roof.

The pergola in the backyard was not included in the backyard’s watering system, so everything I planted there quickly succumbed to the Southern Utah sun. It took us five years of living in that house to get a few trees and bushes to thrive on that slope, but the pergola remained unused.

Pergola of wood

Creating a Pergola from Scratch. When we moved into our new home, we decided to revisit our goal of having a pergola covered in vines and covered in greenery!

We’ve got the ideal spot in mind right over our back porch and all our patio furniture. It’s an ideal location for a picnic or a barbecue. Adding a pergola elevates the ambiance of a room considerably!

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Pergola over the terrace

After our prior experience, we’ve decided to put our new pergola in an area that isn’t constantly exposed to direct sunlight. It’s tempting to put some shade in the brightest spot of your yard, but few plants can tolerate that much sun, and you’ll have to water them more frequently if they’re there all day.

Materials are another consideration. Traditional pergolas are built of pressure-treated wood, but lovely vinyl, powder-coated steel, and aluminum pergolas are now available. The virtue of vinyl and metal is that they don’t rot as quickly as the wood does in the elements.

For a vinyl pergola, white is the most preferred color. Instead of a wood pergola, this one has a whitewashed appearance. Extension of a veranda or porch by way of an outdoor patio or pergola

A white vinyl pergola kit is available from Home Depot. For those looking to construct a pergola over their backyard patio, a 1616 kit is available.

Everything you’ll need to link the pergola’s one-side roof structure to the other and install your patio’s vinyl support pillars is included in this $5,000 package. Voila! Instant class for your patio space!

There is a 50% discount on the pergola kit for a 12-by-12-foot space! As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to utilize potted plants if the pergola is encased in cement or some other impervious surface.

Pergola kits are available in numerous shapes and sizes, including the modest, four-pillared pergola we had in our previous garden. Despite its wood-like appearance, this powder-coated steel pergola, measuring 10′ by 10′, costs roughly $800. The slatted roof has a fabric shade that drapes over it as an added feature.

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A Pergola’s top twenty most useful uses

White-flowered pergola with lanterns

Pergola advantages have previously been discussed, but now it’s time for a quickfire round. You can put a pergola to good use in the following 20 ways:

  1. Adding a pergola to your home will raise its market value. Gabriella, a pergola-seller, claims that installing a pergola in your backyard can repay as much as 50% to 80% of your investment.
  2. You can enjoy the beauty of a pergola in your environment. Is there anything more compelling than this to persuade you? Everyone should make their backyard their little paradise.
  3. To welcome your guests in style, a pergola is an excellent choice. Pergolas are a great way to distinguish your gathering area if you’re the kind of person who wants to be as accommodating as possible.
  4. A pergola can shield you from the sun on a hot summer day. There are many ways to provide shade to your pergola, such as using foliage like a vine to cover the top of the structure or using a cloth shade that came with your pergola kit.
  5. Even with little sporadic shade, a pergola can keep you cool. A mechanism known as transpiration cooling is responsible for the cooling effect that comes from being in the presence of greenery and other living things. As a result, even before your pergola plants are fully trained across the top, their very presence cools you down.
  6. A pergola may liven up a dreary area. A pergola can be a focal point if you have a landscape difficulty, such as a random slope in your backyard or a low, flat area where nothing grows. As a garden vase, it may hold whatever beauty you choose to display there.
  7. Pergolas are a great way to add visual interest to your garden. Everything from grapes to tomatoes has been pouring from pergola ceilings, and it’s fantastic! It’s hard to fathom going outdoors to pick fruit simply dangling there.
  8. Outdoors, a pergola creates a sense of privacy. Keep your outdoor leisure area open to the elements while protecting it from nosy neighbors. Pergolas are the ideal solution for both of these problems.
  9. Your potted plants will have a place to call their own under a pergola. Terracotta pots filled with your favorite plants are the perfect accompaniment to a pergola’s pillars. This year, terracotta pots are the hottest trend. If you want to learn more about terracotta pots, Gardenista provides an extensive guide.
  10. For a relatively little price, you can transform the look of your garden with the addition of a pergola. It’s easy and inexpensive to add a pergola to your home instead of other home upgrades like new siding or a new roof. This is because pergolas can be constructed from a wide variety of materials.
  11. Pergolas can be used with trellises, gazebos, and verandas to create a stunning outdoor space. While appealing as a stand-alone element, a pergola can also give value to other structures in conjunction. You can make your backyard stand out by combining your pergola with one of these other features.
  12. You can define it as a pergola when you have an uncertain space. Is there an alley in your neighborhood where someone continues dumping trash? To keep the trash from piling up, put a pergola over it. The presence of a pergola is a clear signal that this area is a special one.
  13. Pergolas may transport you to an exotic location. There is something about pergolas that makes us feel like we’re living in an old-world, exotic city. Especially in the era of Covid-19 travel bans, a pergola in your backyard might be your ticket to a faraway destination of romance.
  14. The bees appreciate a pergola’s shady environment. For our favorite pollinators, why put up a drab old patio cover? A pergola and flowering vines or trees that attract bees and butterflies to your outdoor refuge are better options.
  15. Many types of fruit and flowering plants, including grape and rose vines, can be supported by a pergola. Trellises have a limited number of plants that won’t overwhelm them, while pergolas can handle everything you put at the…
  16. By the pool, a pergola is a lovely addition. Incorporating a pergola into a poolside area is an excellent way to enhance the area’s aesthetics while providing shade.
  17. Your outdoor lighting will look fantastic when it’s strung from a pergola. Imagine draping your preferred type of lanterns from the new pergola’s branches in your favorite color scheme.
  18. Pergolas are ideal for displaying hanging baskets and pots. Overflowing baskets of flowers or house plants can be hung from the pergola’s slanted roof, ideal for this purpose.
  19. Pergolas are perfect for framing the vista you love. Putting up a pergola to frame the spectacular sunset views from your backyard may not have been your original intention, but it’s doing a bang-up job.
  20. In the form of a pergola

Woot! It was a lot of fun! I wish you the best of luck with your pergola-building endeavors. I can already tell it’s going to be worth it!

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In-ground swimming pool with a pergolaBackyardables has a nice chart of fast-growing vines, which you can get here. We wish you much success in your gardening endeavors!

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